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John Paul Mitchell Systems


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Style Trip is a branded documentary video series created by the iconic hair care company John Paul Mitchell Systems where hair meets travel, art, community, and inspiration. Contracted to produce nine episodes in the series, MSC handles every aspect of film production, providing the client with a suite of assets that includes one 15-minute episode, two 1-minute social media videos, and dozens of production photos, as well as all pre-production planning, contracts, and expert advice on social media promotion and content deployment.


For each episode of Style Trip, MSC cuts a 60-second trailer to generate excitement and drive views to the full episode. 


Salons and stylists are a key demographic for Style Trip, as they provide JPMS a significant revenue stream, and so MSC includes a video tutorial in the suite of assets for each episode. Edited in the vertical format for Instagram Stories, each tutorial features stunning footage and on-screen graphics cut to fun music, making these video shorts much more engaging than traditional beauty tutorials. 




Also included in the suite of assets for each episode of Style Trip are multiple social shorts (60 seconds or less), which the clients posts to its social feeds to create buzz for the full episode. MSC edits many of these social short specifically in the vertical format for Instagram Stories. 
For each Style Trip episode, MSC also provides dozens of professional, retouched production photos. Below are samples from all the episodes in the series.